What is The National Technical Honor Society?
The National Technical Honor Society recognizes outstanding student achievement in career and technical education. NTHS promotes higher scholastic achievement, cultivates a desire for personal excellence, and helps students find success in the now competitive workplace.
What are some goals of the NTHS?

1. Giving recognition to students achieving excellence in career and technical education
2. Providing its members with scholarship opporrtunities
3. Building relationships between the educational community and business and industry
4. Maintaining fainacial responsibilies
5. Sustaining growth, innovation, and continuous improvement

Students must meet national and local membership standards and should be have demonstrated scholastic achievement, skill development, leadership, honesty, responsibility, and good character. The student membership fee is a one time $25 fee. Chapters may add local fees to cover an induction ceremony and any other expenses.


There are several requirements for joining NTHS. What are they?
1. The student must be nominated by a teacher.
2. The student should have at least an 85 overall GPA
3. The student must have at least a 90 overall GPA in the class of the nominating teacher
4. Only juniors and seniors are eligible
5. Three semesters in career and technical courses must be succesfully completed
6. The student needs to be an active member of the CTE organization
7. A national lifetime membership fee is $25.00 and a local lifetime membership is $10.00
How will each student benefit from being a member or the NTHS?
Each member of the NTHS recieves a certificate, presentation folder, member pin, ID card, window decal, white tassel, NTHS diploma seal, and a letter of recommendation for their career portfolio. Members also have access to the secure career center for a year after they graduate. The NTHS offers many scholarship opportunities, including the John H. Poteat scholarship. For a period of one year following graduation, NTHS members may request specific letters of recommendation for college, employment, and scholarships. They will also be listed in the national registry for recruitment opportunities by the top U.S. colleges and corporations. Commmencement accessories and NTHS logo gear are available for purchase.


Lanay Brentley Faith Vassar
Katelynn Elliot Jacob Walker
Colten Bryant Logan Torma
Destini Mont Michael Loy
Caitlyn Webber Madison Clutter
Caiti Chaney Charlie Krawic
Anna Bryan Quinn Lowther